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Never Forget Who You Are

With “Never Forget Who You Are” Tota follows his strong conscious debut “The Field Effect” with an even stronger message. In this album he touches on depression, oppression, conditioning, happiness, pain and every other emotion you can feel. The delivery is much tighter, and the songs are filled with melodic aggression and soul. Tota really opens on this album about his personal issues in his own life rather than just speaking social issues like he did in the “Field Effect”. Once again Tota delivers with his witty bars and insane delivery. The cover is a picture of him and his grandmother in which he uses as a reminder of where he comes from and who he truly is. “Never Forget Who You Are” is a note to self that no matter how abundant this life becomes, you cannot lose yourself within it.

The Field Effect

Tota’s “The Field Effect” is a politically driven ode about the mentality oppression and racism has created within the black community. It is an open discussion shedding light on the ugly truths of how systemic racism from slavery days, subsequently affects black people now. Tota uses this project to narrate the experiences and trials he and many other inner-city youths have and still face till this day.